Recruitment 4.0 is a revolution in the way recruitment is carried out. It reflects the adoption of technology in order to better source, manage and place candidates with clients. Recruitment 4.0 is the recruitment sector’s response to the wider fourth industrial revolution now taking place globally and must therefore deliver the talent organisations need as the workplace evolves.

Work is changing. The workplace is changing. The recruitment industry is being challenged to address new needs, to work with the new employee models and company models. At the same time recruitment companies need to adopt new technology to stay efficient, effective and relevant.

With input from future thinkers, workplace and recruitment sector experts, practitioners and end users, this is a chance to understand what lies ahead and to identify the processes, systems and solutions which will power you and your business to greater success in the years to come.

The future may be hard to predict, but this is your chance make it work for you.

The one day conference attracts senior delegates including business owners, CEO’s, managing directors and finance directors, with its unrivalled programme of relevant and current content.

The Summit is free of charge to attend. Limited space is available, so early registration is advised. If you are a supplier to the industry or R2R, there is a £1,500 fee to attend.

In 2020, our Awards fell at a time when you needed to concentrate on adapting to the impact of lockdown. Being a part of the Awards in 2021 will recognise the strengths & achievements of your business at one of the most remarkable times in history. #Awards

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Note: If you are a supplier to the industry please contact on how to get involved.

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