We’d like to invite you to The Global Recruiter UK Summit:

Making Your Next Move

Making Your Next Move

A one-day event hosted by The Global Recruiter

This year will be a remarkable one for the recruitment industry.

However research has indicated a number of challenges facing recruitment leaders. This year’s Global Recruiter UK Summit focusses on each of these challenges. From the impact of the pandemic to the rise of new technology and making the most of a candidate driven market, this one-day event will put you in the driving seat of your business and help you go further than ever before.

Making Your Next Move will provide the insight to help you build your recruitment business:

  • Understand the current market and future trends outlook
  • Identify the new opportunities emerging across the sector
  • See how the latest technology can give you the edge
  • Get the investment you need to push forward

Our comprehensive programme will include:

Technology and digitisation

Technology leaders give an insight into the impact of technology on the recruitment sector and future trends. Is automation and AI the goal to create the most efficient company, and are there alternative uses of tech which will give agencies a competitive advantage.

Finding talent

In the wake of trends such as ‘The Great Resignation’ and the ongoing search for talent across certain sectors, what can recruiters do to extend their search and make their candidate attraction more effective? Agency owners discuss where can new talent be found, how it should be managed and what does it want from a new job?

Your Business is your Brand

Your business is your brand. In this multi-channel business world how do recruitment agencies develop and deploy their brand? What makes an effective and exciting brand and how does this manifest itself within the company and through the experience of candidates and clients?

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The recruitment industry stands at the gateway of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, driving change and providing opportunities for diverse and underrepresented talent with employers. However the recruitment industry isn’t doing enough itself to be fully inclusive and representative. What should Equity, Diversity & Inclusion mean for a recruitment business?

Creating shareholder value

What are the financial options for a business that wants to do more? From organic growth to investment and more, how can recruitment companies get the security they need and support themselves in an appropriate way as they strive to do more. At what point should a recruitment business start considering an exit strategy, merger and/or acquisition opportunities?

The Summit is free of charge to attend. Limited space is available, so early registration is advised.
If you are a supplier to the industry or R2R, there is a £1,500 fee to attend.

Note: If you are a supplier to the industry please contact trevor@theglobalrecruiter.com on how to get involved


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